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Jokes can be hurtful sometimes.  People often use the words “just kidding” after a joke when it is not perceived the way it was intended.  In the book, Just Kidding by Trudy Ludwig, D.J. is being teased by Vince.  Vince feels that since his jokes are followed by “just kidding,” it makes everything fine.  What Vince doesn’t realize is that his jokes are really hurting D.J.’s feelings.  D.J. is afraid that if he speaks up his friends will think he can’t take a joke.  With the help of his father, brother, and teacher, D.J. is able to take action and squelch Vince’s bullying in a responsible manner.  

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My name is Natalie Puent (pronouced Pent) and I am the new physical education teacher at Marlin.  I am so excited for the opportunity to work with your children and teach them new skills, valuable life lessons, and how to live a healthy, active lifestyle!  We are going to be doing a lot of fun activities this upcoming year and I can't wait.

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