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Human Resources

Human Resources is proud to serve the entire MCCSC community, employees and staff.
Please feel free to contact any of the HR team members.
We will be happy to assist you!

The Human Resources Team

 Mrs. Chambers
Peggy Chambers, Assistant Superintendent
Ext. 50049

Leisa Crandall, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
Ext. 52501

Denise Hoke, Substitute Coordinator
Ext. 52297 

  • Manage Substitute System
  • Certified Attendance
  • Coaches
  • ECA Stipend Payments
  • Certified Leaves of Absence
  • Universal Precautions Renewal 

Luanne Larrison, Non-Certified Staff Coordinator
Ext. 52143
  • Non-Certified Job Postings
  • Non-Certified New Hire Orientations
  • Non-Certified Payroll Processing & Attendance Tracking
  • Non-Certified Leaves of Absence
  • Non-Certified Employee Records
  • Non-Certified Unemployment

Jacob Giardina, Lead Administrative Assistant
Ext. 51042

Tana Nikirk, Benefits Coordinator
Ext. 50162

  • Insurance & Benefits (Health & Dental)
  • Retirement - 401(a) & 403(b)
  • Worker's Compensation

Emily Taylor, Certified Staff Coordinator
Ext. 53515
  • Certified & Administrator Job Postings
  • License & Certification
  • Contracts & Seniority
  • Certified New Hire Intake
  • Certified Employee Records
  • State Reporting
  • Certified Unemployment
  • Certified Leaves of Absence