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Conference on Improving the Culture and Climate at Bloomington Graduation School: On February 1, BGS hosted its first conference on Improving the Culture and Climate at Bloomington Graduation School. Members of the greater Bloomington community and BGS students led small-group discussions about hot-topics in high school: What does a civil tone look like? How does clothing contribute to the culture at BGS? What does a meaningful cellphone policy look like? What do I need from my teachers in order to improve or sustain my grades? How does our attendance affect the school climate? How can I contribute my expertise for clubs at BGS?
Students, staff, and community members all contributed positively to discussing these issues and many of the ideas have been incorporated into BGS's climate and the student handbook for next year. 
Thanksgiving: Every year, BGS hosts a Thanksgiving dinner, where students, staff, and the culinary club pitch in to make a Thanksgiving Feast and come together as a community. This year, we invited families, former students, and administrators from the central office. Check out the slide show below to see some of the preparation and enjoyment of the occasion. 

  • Competency of the Week:
    SS04. Research-based Arguments: Construct and present arguments based on research and interpretation.
    Two people's forearms pulling a chain in opposite directions with a sign between that says "Why I'm Right..."
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  • Word of the Week:
    Sobriquet- (n) a nickname. "My real name is Donald, but I prefer my sobriquet, "Joe-Bob The Rad."
     The word "nickname" styled like an illuminated manuscript with a gloved hand holding a calligraphy pen dipped in black ink.
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  •  Fun Fact of the week:
    The world's fastest rapper is NoClue. He rapped 723 syllables in just over 50 seconds. That's about 14 syllables per second.
    Silver microphone on a black background with light flares in the upper left corner and the center of the microphone.


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  • Joke of the Week:
    Question: What do you get if dinosaurs have a car crash?
    Answer: Tyrannosaurus wrecks.
     Two red cars on a black background that have just crashed. One has a person making angry motions and the other a T-Rex.
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  • One to One Student Learning Device Information
    Families and students should review the guidelines regarding the student learning devices. These guidelines have been set by MCCSC and approved by the School Board on 07/29/15. Also, please read the Student Device Care instructions found on the MCCSC High School 1:1 page. High school student learning devices will be distributed to all students during the first week of school beginning with seniors and ending with freshmen.
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