Hoosier Hills Career Center

Engage. Empower. Educate

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide an exciting, challenging, and fun balance curriculum incorporating play and academics.  We accomplish this by providing for the child positive social-emotional, physical, cognitive, sensory, creative, and healthy experiences through interactions and play opportunities.
Our Center is located in the Hoosier Hill Career Center adjacent to Bloomington High School North.  Easiest access is from West 17th Sreet to Prow Road.  Our telephone number is (812) 330-7730.  Parents: if you need to reach the Child Care Center after 3:30PM dial (812) 330-7730 and follow the directions on the answering machine.  This will connect you to our phone in child care.  Leave a message if we don't answer and we will return your call.  The hours for child care are 7:00am until 5:30pm.  We follow the MCCSC school calendar.  (The Center will be closed on days school is not in session.)  If there is a 2 hour delay, the center will run on a 1 hour delay.
Center Hours
Our Center is open from 7:00am until 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  Closing dates are listed on the calendar located in the front of the Child Care Handbook.  Our lunch count is called in at 9:00am.  Please call by this time if you will be arriving late or not attending on your scheduled day.
Please pick up your child by 5:30pm. We understand that emergencies can occur -- please call.  A late fee will be charged for parents who arrive late to pick up their child.
Enrollment and Registration
Applications for enrollment are accepted at any time.  Application materials are available by calling the Center.  The Center maintains a wating list for open spaces.  Parents are encouraged to place their child on the waiting list as early as possible since enrollment decisions are based partly on the date a child was placed on the waiting list.   
*For the 2016-2017 school year we have openings in our Pre-K classroom!*
                                              Full Time                2-Days Part Time           3-Days Part Time
Infant                              Weekly - $175.00                $70.00                              $105.00
Toddler                            Weekly - $175.00                $70.00                              $105.00
2 yr olds                          Weekly - $175.00                $70.00                               $105.00
3 yr olds                          Weekly - $160.00                $64.00                               $96.00
4 & 5 yr olds                    Weekly - $145.00                $58.00                               $87.00