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Alyssa's Impression of MCCSC Adult Education

I am currently a student at Broadview learning center, and I love it! I just graduated high school, but I wasn't quite ready to dive into college and I needed to take a math course that isn't worth any credits at Ivy Tech and I am taking it here FREE! I am so lucky that I found out about this school through my mom's good friend Diana Hoffman who works here. If Diana would have never told me about Broadview, I would be at Ivy tech right now, paying for zero credit classes and most likely falling behind. My goal is to enroll in Ivy Tech next semester and start to figure out what I want to major in. Broadview has allowed me to save money and learn at my own pace, and excel in mathematics all while I take the time to figure out my career path. Chris has taught me in just a couple months what I was never able to learn in 12 years of school, and I am so blessed and thankful that I found him! Broadview learning center rocks!