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Studying English by Younghee Choi

MCCSC Adult Education at Broadview Learning Center is a great school for foreigners to study English. First of all, it is easy to register. Anyone who doesn't speak English can register on Fridays. 
All the classes are free. There is a test and an interview, and then you will be placed in the class which is best for you. 
Second, there are lots of great teachers. They are professional and help us understand very hard grammar, words, writing, idioms, and so on very easily. They are also friendly, so we feel comfortable, like we are at home.
Finally, there are many wise international students from all over the world. You can make international friends from all over the world who have a lot of experience and different ways of thinking. Sometimes you feel like you are traveling the world. You can taste international foods while sitting in a chair in this class, and share the traditional cultures of many countries. 
Indeed, MCCSC Adult Education at Broadview Learning Center is a very helpful school for foreigners to learn English.