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Curriculum & Instruction

Office of Curriculum and Instruction


The Office of Curriculum and Instruction oversees several important areas of the Monroe County Community School Corporation. In addition to resource adoptions, this office is responsible for aligning the curriculum, instruction, and assessments to Indiana Standards, implementing effective instructional and assessment strategies to meet students' different learning styles and needs, and providing staff professional development that demonstrates a commitment to educational excellence.  Our schools follow a Professional Learning Community (PLC) Model which enables our staff to meet the needs of each individual learner.  We also follow the Marzano Instructional Framework and use John Hattie's High Leverage Strategies.


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Theory of Action

If the Curriculum & Instruction team members provide clarity on the academic priorities, deliver high quality professional learning experiences, and provide coherent, coordinated and aligned systems of instructional support,

then ALL building principals will become stronger instructional leaders and ensure fidelity of the instructional core and professional learning communities through effective feedback, monitoring, and accountability structures, and

then ALL classroom teachers can provide differentiated, standards-based core instruction that is grounded in culturally responsive pedagogy and address the learning and social emotional needs of ALL children so that

ALL learners are engaged, connected, and achieving at high levels to ensure graduates that are college, career, and life ready.


Our five academic priorities encompass all the work of our office.  They are:

  • Attendance: We believe our students benefit the most when they are in school every day.  
  • Engagement: Our teachers plan engaging lessons and provide hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Core Instruction and Fidelity: Good instruction, aligned to the Indiana State Standards is central to the learning opportunities we provide.
  • Enrichment and Intervention: Meeting our students where they are and advancing their learning is embedded in the work of our teaching and learning.
  • Professional Development: Continuously providing growth and learning opportunities for our staff benefits all our stakeholders.