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Student Device Access

Onsite Access for Students

Students access the MCCSC wireless network each day with their school issued device. In Grades K-8, students are issued an iPad. In Grades 9-12, MCCSC issues students a Windows laptop. Devices on campus use the student username (Skyward alphakey with a single number at the end) and their school issued password. In grades K-6, this password also serves as the student lunch pin. In grades 7-12, students are issued a unique complex password.

Offsite Access for Students

Students may connect their school issued devices to any wireless network. Devices are proxied back through the MCCSC content filter whether on or offsite. Device user credentials for this method may timeout when offsite and require the student to login. After connecting to a wireless network, simply navigate to any webpage and receive the Content Keeper login screen. Enter student username (without or extension) and student password to authenticate. Note: If students have apps that will not load, they might need to sign into ContentKeeper.

ContentKeeper login screen