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School Closings, Delays, Early Dismissals, and eLearning due to inclement weather

School Closings, Delays, Early Dismissals, and eLearning due to Inclement Weather

In preparation for weather that would cause a delay or cancellation, please find frequently asked questions, as well as procedures followed in the event of a school delay/closing:

How is the decision made?  

The safety and well-being of our students and staff is a top priority during inclement weather. The decision to delay the start of school or to cancel for the day is made based on weather conditions, considering the current situation, such as temperature and weather forecasts. The Directors of Building Operations, Facilities, and Transportation begin the process – typically early in the morning (about 3 a.m.) – by driving roads, checking with local law enforcement and city, county and state highway officials. Transportation Directors from surrounding school systems are contacted to compare information. When all information is collected, a recommendation is made to the Superintendent. 

Be assured that we make such decisions weighing many factors. Most importantly, the safety of our students and staff is our primary focus. We will strive to make decisions as early as possible so that parents and daycare providers can be notified promptly. It is our preference to have in-person instruction therefore decisions may be made the morning of rather than the evening before in order to avoid cancelling in-person instruction unnecessarily. 

If the decision is based on cold rather than inclement weather, the wind-chill factor is taken into consideration. For example, zero without wind may not be as hazardous as a temperature of 10 with a wind chill of -20.

On some occasions, a decision will be made to delay the start of school rather than to cancel for the day. 

Additionally, there may be times we move to eLearning due to unsafe travel conditions or other weather-created realities.  


What is the difference between real-time (synchronous) and independent, self-paced (non-synchronous) eLearning?

Real-time, synchronous eLearning is instruction that occurs virtually and is live. Teachers host online class meetings using Microsoft Teams and students join the virtual class meeting.  

Independent, self-paced (non-synchronous) eLearning is not live instruction. Instead, teachers deliver instruction through assignments and activities that students complete by the end of the school day.


How long is a real-time (synchronous) eLearning school day?

The minimum length of a real-time (synchronous) eLearning day is three hours. However, there may be breaks during the day and/or there may be portions of independent work as well. 


When does real-time (synchronous) eLearning begin?

Real-time eLearning will begin at the normal start time of your student’s school.  


What if I have additional questions or need additional information about eLearning?

Please contact your student’s teacher and/or principal.  


Do schools have to “make-up” eLearning days?

Real-time (synchronous) eLearning does not need to be made up. However, the state limits schools to three days of independent, self-paced (nonsynchronous) eLearning.  


When is the decision made and how can I find out if school is delayed or closed?  

The decision is made as early as possible, but normally by 5:30 a.m. Once a decision is made, radio and television stations are notified, and the information is posted on the MCCSC website and social media sources. Additionally, staff and families are notified via e-mail, a recorded phone call, text message, and the MCCSC App. Families should ensure contact information is up-to-date in Skyward. 


Why not just decide to close school (or delay) based on the weather forecast the night before?  

It is very difficult to make a decision to delay or close school based on a predicted forecast, especially when the forecast relates to snow. The decision will typically be made in the morning, based upon all factors addressed above.


When is a decision made to dismiss students early?

Early dismissals are never an easy decision. Every attempt will be made NOT to dismiss school early during the day because we recognize that often means no one is at home to meet students. However, rapid weather changes and safety can dictate the need for early dismissal. Please discuss this possibility with your family and have a plan in place should this occur.

In the event of an early dismissal at the elementary level, students being picked up will be supervised by building staff until families can pick up their child. 

MCCSC will use the following methods to communicate with families in the event of an early dismissal:

  • MCCSC School Messenger notification by e-mail, phone, MCCSC App and text alert
  • MCCSC Website ( and MCCSC Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Local and area media will be notified 


I think schools should have been closed – it is not safe to be on the road and I don’t want my child to go out in this weather.

Each parent has a right to determine if his/her child will go to school. If the parent feels it is unsafe, he/she has every right to keep the child at home. The child will be counted absent with parent consent, but he/she may make up any work missed.  


Do we have to “make-up” days missed?

If school is delayed, the Corporation does not have to “make-up” that lost time. If school is canceled, with no eLearning, typically, the day(s) canceled must be made up. eLearning days do not have to be made up. 

Procedures for Canceling Athletic/Extracurricular Events


At the Elementary and Middles Schools, all practices, extracurricular activities, and athletic events are canceled for the day. At the High Schools, if the weather improves, the Sponsor/Athletic Director will recommend to the High School Principal, who will work directly with the Director of Building Operations to determine if students should voluntarily have practice, activities, or athletic events after 1:00 pm. The Directors of Building Operations, Facilities and Transportation will work together to make this decision. If the decision is made to allow any event, the Superintendent will be notified immediately.  

Ready Set Grow and School Age Care Programs are canceled.

If school has been closed or there is eLearning on a Friday, all Saturday events are cancelled, unless otherwise notified.



After school and evening practices/activities/athletic events not affected. Before school activities are delayed. Ready Set Grow and School Age Care Programs operate on regular schedule.



All after-school activities, including after-school School Age Program, practices and athletic events, are canceled for the day. 



All after-school activities, including practices and athletic events, are canceled for the day

Please note the following schedule for DELAYS:

High School – 9:45 AM

Middle School – 10:10 AM

Elementary (Tier I) – 11:00 AM

Arlington, Binford, Childs, Highland Park, Rogers, Templeton

Elementary (Transfer Sites) – 11:15 AM

 Fairview, University

Elementary (Tier II) – 11:30 AM

Clear Creek, Grandview, Lakeview, Marlin, Summit, Unionville

Media Contacted when Schools are Delayed or Closed:


WCLS 97.7

WFHB 91.3

WFIU 103.7/ 95.1/ 106.1/ 100.7

The Quarry 96.1

WHCC 105.1 or B97

WISH TV- Channel 8  

WRTV-TV, Channel 6

WTHR-TV, Channel 13

 WTTS 92.3/WGCL1370


WVNI-FM, Spirit 95


Outside Recess Weather

A. Temperature – MCCSC uses a temperature range that is considered too cold for outside recess using the wind-chill chart below (depending upon location of playground and sunshine). Calculation tool for wind chill is found on Department of Education web link:


wind chill chart


B. Threatening Weather – Cancel recess and/or bring students inside in an orderly manner if lightning is spotted or thunder is heard. The sky must be free of thunder and lightning for 30 minutes to be considered clear.  


Administrative Guidelines 2413-02

Revision 1/5/2023