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Special Education Programs & Services

MCCSC strives to meet all students through a continuum of services in the least restrictive environment.


Inclusive Special Education Services 

The majority of our students with special education services (including language or speech services) are served in the inclusive setting.  Monroe County Community Schools was one of the first school districts in Indiana to provide inclusive services to students with disabilities.  That tradition continues today with services that:

  • Support students in general education classrooms in their neighborhood
  • Provide research-based strategies to address learning disabilities (including dyslexia) and other reading and math challenges
  • Use a team-based approach to enhance services to students


Bridges to Success

Bridges is designed for students with the most challenging behaviors.  It has an intensive social and behavioral curriculum component.  With this focus on behavioral strategies and supports, students gain skills needed to incrementally increase their success and level of participation in the general education setting.

During the time in Bridges, students receive general education curriculum or alternative curriculum supports in the self-contained classroom setting.  The high staff to student ratio helps the students achieve success in their school environment.  Bridges classrooms are located in select elementary, middle, and high schools.


Community Based Classrooms

Community Based classrooms are located in several select elementary, middle, and high schools.  These classrooms focus on developing language/communication, functional academic and life skills, including reading and math, as well as on building social skills.  Job and community training is also a focus at the secondary level.  Community Based classrooms have a high student to teacher ratio.  Small group and individual instruction is provided during the school day.



For more information about preschool opportunities for students with disabilities, please click here.


Community Transitions

Community Transitions is a specialized program designed for students ages 18-22 who need extra support transitioning into adult services after exiting high school.  Emphasis is placed on functional skills, community involvement, and employment.  For more information about Community Transitions, click here.


Related Services

In order to receive related services, a student must already have qualified for an IEP.  These related services are provided when they are necessary to access the special education services identified in their IEP.  The following are common examples of related services:

Occupational therapy
Physical therapy
School Social Worker
School health or nurse