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Versatrans My Stop Bus Tracking

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Our district is introducing new technology to its school bus fleet to increase the safety of its students and improve communication about their location with a solution called Tyler Drive, which includes the Versatrans My Stop App. Tyler Drive helps drivers focus on the road, manages student location information and provides oversight of this important part of your child’s day. It also provides for real-time data that can be used to improve transportation, route accuracy and predictability of bus arrival and departure. 

Tyler Drive is a system that includes software and a tablet mounted near the school bus driver that provides drivers with turn-by-turn directions to each stop on their route and manages student ridership, which is reported in real-time back to your district’s transportation office.

Find instructions on how to download & use the My Stop app here.

Additionally, instead of downloading the My Stop App, you can use the web-based version (linked here). Use the instructions above for how to login.


Helpful Information for Using the My Stop App

This app is intended to be used to estimate a student's travel time and GPS location along the scheduled route.  If the bus is sitting, waiting to load or unload, is stuck in traffic or has to take a detour, the estimated arrival time may not be accurate.  This app can also be inaccurate if a substitute bus is used.  Please use this system only as a guide and follow all busing instructions as communicated through Skyward Family Access and our Transportation Department.

Items of Note:

  • Do not login to MyStop too early before your child’s scheduled pick-up or drop-off time. The data provided through MyStop is constantly changing. ETA’s are based on standard GPS route calculations, and not the actual length of time remaining to get to your child’s bus stop. You will access the most accurate data if you check the system within 10 minutes of your child’s scheduled pick-up or drop-off time.
  • Parents and students do not have separate MyStop accounts and will use the same login information to access the system. 
  • To protect drivers’ privacy, buses are only displayed for 30 minutes after the last transmission.


    • This message will appear if MyStop is not able to acquire GPS location information for your child’s bus. There may be an issue with the GPS system.
    • If you see this message, the estimated time of arrival is based on the scheduled route and time set by the Transportation Department.  It will not reflect the actual remaining travel time to your child’s bus stop.
    • Your child’s route information may be in the process of being updated. Wait a minute for any updates to be completed. If you still see this message and the current time is after your child’s scheduled pick-up or drop-off time, the bus may have passed your child’s stop.
    • Your child’s bus has not yet started its route or it has completed its route. If you see this message, the estimated time of arrival is based on the scheduled route and time set by the Transportation Department. It will not reflect the actual remaining travel time to your child’s bus stop.
    • You will see this message if the bus has been diverted from its predefined course or if it is in an area where the GPS signal is weak. 
    • This means that the designated bus has not started, or has already completed, its defined route. *Please note: In the event of unforeseen circumstances, alternate buses may be used and could affect the ability to provide real-time GPS tracking.

Why Versatrans MyStop Bus Tracking?


Safer Driving

Tyler Drive guides bus drivers with audio directions leading them to their scheduled stops. This provides a safer solution to navigation than traditional paper route sheets. Tyler Drive can also provide visual directions. The tablet is mounted so that it does not block the driver’s view of the windshield or mirrors.


Real-Time Access for Parents

The Versatrans My StopTM mobile app for Apple and Android devices can help ensure that your students never miss the bus again. This app uses the GPS in Tyler Drive to let users know when to expect their bus each day. Search your device's app store for “Versatrans My Stop” to register. 


Safety, Security, Visibility

Our district is focused on providing safe transportation for its students. The Tyler Drive system will not only enable us to maintain our ongoing commitment to safety, but will also provide parents and guardians with information needed to feel secure and informed.


⇒ Office staff are available to assist you with the MyStop app and any other transportation-related questions/concerns at 812.330.7719. 


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