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ParentSquare FAQs

MCCSC ParentSquare FAQs

1.    Why is MCCSC using ParentSquare?

ParentSquare provides MCCSC families with:

  • One central tool for communication that includes newsletters, eAlerts, messages, calendars, and more
  • Quick translation for families on content and messages to and from parents
  • Get the help you need  through RSVPs, calendar events, request items, and even seek volunteers
  • Single message for all.  All users can set notification preferences (app, phone, email, etc)
  • No setup for staff with all rosters and information imported from Skyward
  • Extend learning home by sharing exciting news and updates
  • Improved safety by archiving messages to and from parents that can be used to legally support staff

2.    What is ParentSquare?

MCCSC uses ParentSquare for school communication, primarily with email, text and app notifications. ParentSquare automatically generates an account for each parent, using their preferred email address and phone number. We encourage parents to access their accounts so they can download the mobile app and update their preferences on when and how they are notified.

Communication can be sent in 3 ways from schools:

  • Posts:  Like a social media post, these information blocks can include pictures, videos, and more.  Users can choose to get email notifications, text alerts, and app push notifications.
  • Messages:  Staff can send a message to a parent or a group of parents.  Parents can reply or initiate messages to the teacher.
  • Alerts and notices:  One-way communication used for alerts and notices.  This is one-way communication.

3.    When will MCCSC start using ParentSquare?

        MCCSC will start using ParentSquare for the 2023-2024 school year.

4.    For emergencies and closings, will MCCSC use ParentSquare or eAlerts?

MCCSC will use ParentSquare for all communication to families moving forward including emergencies, closings, and delays.

5.    How does it work with other district technology?

Our goal as a district is to focus on two tools – Skyward, which hosts student information and organizes academic content for students to access, and ParentSquare, which will support streamlined communication throughout the District.

6.    How do I access my ParentSquare account?

The easiest thing for you to do, as a parent, is to download the app “ParentSquare” onto your phone.  You will be prompted to enter your email address. Enter the email address that the school has on file for you, and you will be in!

Access ParentSquare from your laptop, desktop, or Chromebook:

Go to

Enter your Email or Cell Phone number

Create an account

You will be in and info for each of your children will be listed.

Users can receive information via email, text, and/or app notifications. The user of ParentSquare sets up this preference.

Mobile Instructions:

ParentSquare is available in the Android/ Google Play store and iOS app store. Search for ParentSquare and follow the app installation instructions.

Older students with cell phones are also encouraged to download the "StudentSquare" app to keep them even more connected.

StudentSquare is available in the Android/ Google Play store and iOS app store. Search for StudentSquare and follow the app installation instructions.

Need Help?  Contact your school front office.

7.    How can I update my contact information?

You will update your contact information by changing it in your Skyward account at the school.

8.    Is it necessary to register my account to receive messages?

No. Registering your account allows you to customize your preferences, but it’s not necessary to register in order to receive messages. Initially, without registering you will receive email communications.

9.    Can I customize how I want to receive notifications?

Yes!  You can choose in your settings if you want to receive notifications through text, email, or app notifications.

  • Users can change their notification frequency for posts: you can receive messages the instant they are posted, or as a single email “Digest” at 6 p.m, nightly.
  • If the user with the Digest setting turned on looks at the app or web browser, they will see the posts
  • The Digest user will still receive emergency communications instantly sent by Smart Alert or when a user sends a post instantly  
  • Messages, communication directed to smaller groups or individuals, are sent instantly
  • Directions to set this up are located on the right in the Setting Up Preferences Documents.

10.  I am not getting any messages from ParentSquare.  How can I fix it?

        There are a few possibilities:

  • The school does not have your correct contact information. Check your Skyward account to make sure the most up-to-date information is entered.
  • The same phone number or email address is used for both parents, so only one parent is getting the messages.
  • You have turned off all the modes of communication in your ParentSquare account.
  • Check your SPAM folder in your email.

11.  I am a parent and staff member.  How should I manage my accounts?

When you login to ParentSquare, it will ask you if your child's accounts need to be merged to yours.  This will be on the top right under settings. Merge them.  If you did not get that prompt or need further help, please enter a 360.

12.  We would like several family members to get alerts, is that possible?

Information is directly migrated from Skyward.  Families that you want to receive communication need to be listed as contacts for your child at the school.